Buffet/Banquet Cakes

b.b cakes.png

Single Layer and cut into 20 slices


Caramel Fudge-Chocolate cake, topped with caramel, covered with chocolate glaze and drizzled with more caramel.


Triple Chocolate-Chocolate cake covered with chocolate buttercream icing and sprinkled with chocolate flakes.


Carrot-Carrot cake covered with cream cheese icing and sided and sprinkled with walnut meal.


Lemon Twist-Butter cake covered with lemon flavored cream cheese icing and sprinkled with white choc curls.


Oreo Cake- Loaded with flavor of milk's favorite cookie, our moist, delicious chocolate cake is generously studded with Oreo pieces and iced with a vanilla Oreo icing.

Vanilla Cream Cake- For those times when chocolate just won’t do, we now offer a delectably moist yellow cake with a pure white icing decorated artfully with shimmering sugar crystals. A perfect canvas on which to add your individual finishing touches.